A new life surrounded by lovely people

Hello, it’s Gabriel, from GB.
March 10th, after almost 48 hours travelling by car, plane, train and bus, I finally came to Japan.
I left my home country, where my family and old friends are,
and from where my customs and my culture came.

All to work in Acroquest.

And oh boy, I don’t regret it!

Now it’s been almost 2 months since I came to Japan, but it passed so fast I still can’t believe it.
They say that times passes faster when you’re having fun, and that’s exactly the case.

First, I was welcomed to the “Grit station”, a share house, where I’m still living.

The other residents from here and the other company’s share houses help me a lot with not only Japanese and Japanese culture, but they also teach me how to live a good life, a life worthy of a great man.

After entering Acroquest, I could also feel the love of the employees.
Even with a big handicap that is my Japanese deficiency, everyone never gave up on me, no matter how many times I asked them to explain things to me, they always did it with a smile in their faces.

But of course, it doesn’t mean they don’t scold me, it often happens, since I make quite a lot of mistakes regarding the cultural shock between Brazil and Japan.
This is, however, another sign of love, they scold me not to get me down, they do it for my own good, so I can get better and better, becoming then an awesome person in the future.

Another point that I could really feel is how Acroquest people are very rational.
Here I’m not afraid of being judged emotionally, because people here have a good relationship.

And this relationship is not just a fragile state, where everyone is fine just because of the conditions.
It’s a result of hard work, where the mindset of seeing things in a rational way and not to bear grudge is built through systematic and efficient methods.
These methods are always maintained by everyone.

And finally, I was also able to learn many other lessons that made me grow as an engineer and as a person.
After leaving the plane I could never expect to ride such journey.

I’m glad I joined Acroquest.

Finally, receiving this much help makes me want to retribute it all, and that’s what I’ll be working in from now on.



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