You are what you dress

Hello it’s me, Gabriel, from GB.

Since I came to Japan I discovered a lot of things about the Japanese culture,
but one that caught my attention was how Japanese people dress themselves well.
In a homogeneous society like the Japanese one, people care a lot about expressing yourself to find their identity.
And one way to do it is through the way you choose your clothes.

Just watching the people in the street I see a lot of effort and personality behind their clothes.
From a simple but elegant dark jacket over a stripe shirt and a beige slim pants used by an university student, to flashy and colorful dresses with a lot of cute accessories used by girls in Harajuku.

Other reason is that they care a lot about how the others see them.
Of course, clothes are not everything, but they can influence how you are seen more than you can think.
Because when you communicate directly with other people, your appearance is their first source of information.

And people tend to not forget first impressions.
If you are using a shirt with wrinkles, for example, you will pass a lazy image to the others, even if you’re not lazy.
If one wants to pass a good impression, to put effort in how to dress yourself is a good start.

In the business environment the way you dress is way more impactful.
A bad impression from the client’s perspective may even cost a contract loss.
Some clients are not guided by reason, but by their own capricious thoughts, and these thoughts often relate to how the others look like.
A small detail, like an dirty shoe, or an unbuttoned suit, may repel trust from these clients.
And no matter how good your product may be, if the client doesn’t trust you, he won’t buy it.
So it’s really important to choose how you dress in front of the client.

Sem título.png

Which of the two do you think works the best?

In acroquest I learn that what may look like simply choosing clothes well at first sight can actually have a deeper meaning behind it.
And details, like the small dressing mistakes people make, are very important in the business scene.
Great business people like our vice president can find these details, improve them, and consequently, make good deals with the clients.
I was also taught how to dress properly and what kind of impact it has to the people around me.
And in my way to become a great business person, I’ll continue to learn the good Japanese fashion sense when walking in the streets of the metropolis.


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